The Bike Wife

August 2, 2012

What is a Bike Wife?

She could be a lot of things. She could be a wife with a house always filled with bikes. Tire tracks on her clean floors, spare parts hiding in the couch cushions. She could be a wife who encourages her partner to ride bikes. Supportive and congratulatory. She herself could of course enjoy a ride now and then, a picnic, a trip to the farmer’s market. Or she could be a wife whose husband is always out on a bike ride. This bike wife may have referred to herself as a bike widow.

Although I’ve considered myself all of these things at one point or another, I’d like to think I’ve redefined the bike wife. Now the bike wife is rolling her own bikes into the house and leaving them there. She has her partner cheering her across the finish line. She doesn’t just ride for leisure; she trains, she gets motivated, she strives to meet new goals. She’s always out on a bike ride, even when she should be cleaning the house, paying bills, or updating her blog.

Six years ago I met my husband, Scott.

He was a bicycle obsessed, downhill racing, super cute mechanic at the outdoor store where I had just been hired. A glimpse of that smile and it was all over for me. Fast forward 3 years and all of a sudden this girl who had chosen to walk the 8 blocks to campus and who had never even heard of “upper park” owns 2 mountain bikes, a town bike, and a road bike. Together, Scott and I graduated from college, bought a house, and traveled the US and the world… partly by foot, partly on two wheels. Another year later we were married, mountain bikes present, and now after nearly 2 years of blissful (if not muddy, dusty, and greasy) marriage, we are ready for a big change!!!

Nope! Not kids!

Scott and I are embarking on what we hope will be the adventure of a lifetime. We’ve spent the last 9 months preparing for our move to New Zealand. From telling our folks- scary!, to taking strange tests… from selling our stuff, to getting that first interview… New Zealand has been an exciting, elusive goal… but it also seemed so far away.

Queenstown, NZ

It’s no longer so far away. We haven’t left the states yet, and we still have a ton of planning to do. But I decided to start this blog to keep family and friends abreast of our moving plans, our journey, and our NZ adventure. I’ll try to be diligent about updating (it’s hard to follow a book when the chapters are released months apart, right?) and I’ll try to post the most interesting things that happen to us. Maybe I’ll throw some sweet NZ recipes and funny kiwi slang in the mix. Who knows…

So until we see you again, and it won’t be that long I’m sure, I hope you enjoy this chronicle of our jorney. And we’d love nothing more than to hear comments from you: family, friends, or friendly strangers. Consider this blog your update, your letter, your post card… from New Zealand!

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