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August 7, 2012

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write this post. The first BIG moment, of a few pending big moments, finally happened last Tuesday. I had been neurotically emailing the NZ nursing council, as well as my job agency, to find out if there was anything I could do to ensure the processing of my registration.

A note: I had been well informed that it could take several months to get one’s nursing registration finalized. My agent, Kristin (won’t be forgetting that one), had told me of her ongoing nightmare with a client in San Diego who had been in the process for 8 months, and the NZNC were still hounding her for additional information before processing. Although the NZNC website states 20-40 working days, I gleaned from Kristin, as well as my immigration lawyer and internet horror stories, that this number was a myth or a lie.

I actually received an email back from the NZNC on July 23 stating “Kristen, we have received all the information we need and your registration should be processed within a couple of days”. Honestly, this was enough to hold me over for a month. They sounded happy. No more sacrifices were necessary to tame the beast.

The council actually sent my registration to my agent, per my preference, so that she could get the ball rolling on the job hunt. On July 31, she emailed me a congratulatory email, stating that this was one of the fastest processions that she had ever seen. Keep in mind that although I have been collecting information (transcripts, finger prints, letters of recommendation, etc.), I didn’t actually send the final document to the NZNC until my birthday, June 11. And the date on my registration actually says July 24. In case you’re curious, or willing to put up with my curiosity, that is a grand total of 31 working days not including the days it also probably took for my information to get there by snail mail. Or is it whale-mail, seeing that it was over-seas? In any case, I am grateful.

So here she is:

My mother thought it looked Irish and my dad said that it all really hit home seeing the Maori transcription at the top (it literally says Nursing Council of New Zealand in Maori). My mother-in-law and Scott both agreed that it was very impressive looking. Although I feel like this piece of paper should dance and do laundry considering how much work it took- I actually have to agree that it is a fancy little thing. A lot more impressive than my stale pale blue card from the BRN in California.

In any case, after seeing this email (the actual document is somewhere over the Pacific right now), I just cried. In all honesty, I’ve been wondering how it would feel to know we were actually going. I know it will still be emotional when we leave our beautiful little home here in Chico, and when we leave our wonderful friends and families behind for adventure. But back to this day. My tears were pure joy. 100%. I was all riled up, and the second Scott got home I ran down the steps full force and nearly knocked him over with a bear hug and laughter. He didn’t even ask. He just knew.

From here I apply for my practising certificate (a little NZ spelling for ya there). In the days since receiving my registration I have completed a nice CV as well as an application for work in Nelson/Marlborough County (!). My agent has these and detailed references from my ‘referees’, and is actively on the job hunt for me as of today. Hallelujah.

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