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October 22, 2012

I am so lucky to have such great family, wonderful friends, and a phenomenal husband. These last few weeks, from the memorial and dad’s birthday, to spending a week in Breckenridge, CO with a close pal, have given me so much to be thankful for.

Yesterday I got caught up in my frustrations with the moving process. Everything is contingent on my job hunt, which currently feels stalled (although I did apply for 2 more jobs – an ICU and an OR). I had a moment of pure anger, really, but since then I feel re-set. I know this will happen. We’re in control of our fate. And look at the beauty I have around me in the meantime!

Breckenridge, CO is a cool little resort town, and if you haven’t been there before, it’s worth checking out! Yes, it is touristy. But unlike Vail or Northstar, it’s not a pre-fab town just established for your spending pleasure. It’s actually a real place, with real year-round residents (only 4,500 of them, but whatever). There’s fantastic food, great bars and pubs, and amazing hiking.

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Irresistible, isn’t it?

My friend Courtney from Chicago and I met “in the middle”, a 2 hour plane ride for both of us, in Breckenridge for a 4 day girls (mid)weekend. Technically it was a farewell vacation, but we didn’t let that stop us from having some serious fun. In addition to enjoying the Breckenridge Brewery, and watching the Giants lose miserably in game 4, we also shopped ’til we dropped and pampered ourselves with deep tissue massages after completing a 7 mile, 1,500 foot elevation gain hike in the mountains. And this is no wussy hike- in addition to the actual hike, consider we’re starting at over 12,000 feet elevation, and we’ve got about 4 inches of snow to contend with. We were lucky there were footprints on most of the trail.

There’s no oxygen up here! Can you breathe? Yeah, me neither!

About 1,000 feet into the hike- we climbed up that rock face on the left

A small waterfall that the signs made a big deal about

Mohawk lake, looking towards Breckenridge

Reached the top of the rock face, lunch with a view.

Although we’ll be leaving the states soon, and many people may think I’m nuts, I plan on filling these last few months with plenty of little getaways. I have a lot of fantastic people to say goodbye to, and a lunch date or phone conversation just isn’t going to do it.

Next up, Ashland, OR (again, I know! We cant stay away from that place!) this weekend with some friends, and then the bay area the following weekend for an old friend’s wedding.

Lesson learned: saying goodbye can be really fun. No tears necessary.

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