Forging Ahead

October 23, 2012

Ahhhh, it feels good to be productive! On the long list of to-do’s, we’ve gotten a few “done-s”.

Check this out:

All those empty boxes from last week are filled, labeled, and ready for storage. Although this doesn’t make the house look that much different, there’s not that stuff hiding under the bed or piled in the corners. And there’s this many boxes down in the basement waiting to be moved out into the garage. This also doesn’t include all of the garbage bags of stuff we threw away or donated.

A few more tasks that felt so good to scratch off the to-do list:

-My car is paid off and I called the DMV today and spoke with a super helpful, genuinely nice man who figured out exactly what date my pink slip would arrive by mail so that I can sell it. And then he went out of his way to give me all the form numbers and knowledge so that I can sell it NOW if I want to. Above and beyond.

-We have a probable buyer for Scott’s car, we just have to fix a few minor issues.

-Direct TV is cancelled and box is sent back.

-Got the low down on how to cancel cell phone, PG&E, garbage, and transfer insurance policies when the time comes.

-Have a new home for the chickens (but they haven’t moved yet, I’m overly attached.)

-Got the house cleaned, and I mean clean, for potential tenants to walk through. Our property manager is coming by today to put the For Rent sign in our yard!!! EEEK!

I will miss this house, but I am sure the next folks will enjoy it just as much as we did

As many of you can attest, this is magically clean for our living room

Progress is happening, and it feels so good.

On a different note, we’ve had problems with our chicken, Hop, being able to fly. If we keep them in the chicken run, she finds her way over the fence, and June squawks bloody murder until we come out and rectify the situation (our poor neighbors, they’re not going to miss us at all!)

Well this morning Scott let all 3 chickens out of the run, so they are all happily scratching away when I opened the back window to throw them some leftover breakfast. Naturally, they all come barreling over to see what I’ve got, but instead of waiting under the window like usual, this is what happens:

I have suffered several chicken-claw induced lacerations from many attempts at the clipping of wings. And today I learn it’s done nothing. Not only can Hop still fly plenty well, but June has absolutely no problem getting airborne either, despite the extra inches she’s put on round her middle. Only poor Scramble is left on the ground wondering what the heck happened. She’s far too chubby to fly. I didn’t want her to feel poorly about her lacking athletic skills though, so I fed her extra pancakes.

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