Listen up, Universe!

October 10, 2012

So this is my living room:

What have I done? See that bottle of wine? No, unfortunately we’re not moving yet. But I have decided that since I’ve yet to land a job, I’m taking fate into my own hands. I’m getting the house packed and rental ready, maybe even rented out, and I’m proving to the universe that it’s time for us to move! Give me the job! We. Are. Going.

The creepy, dusty, spidery basement

The basement is actually nearly packed. It may not look like it, but all the boxes on the left contain things that are staying behind. They just need to be taped up (ran out of packing tape already) and put into storage.  The un-boxed things on the right need to be properly boxed and labeled for shipping. All that camping/snowboarding gear is going to New Zealand!

A pile of stuff as tall as I am! This is a mountain of things I’ve kept, too valuable to throw out, but alas, was cast into the basement. A close friend of mine will make a major score on some things – excellent snowboard jacket, brand new inner tubes, cool Christmas train set for her son – and will also probably be visiting the thrift store herself with a donation on my behalf. Ha. But I so appreciate that she can use some of it!

If I had to guesstimate how much I’ve done vs. how much I have to do, just in the sense of packing, I’d say I’m about 1/20th the way there. But it feels good to have a start.

On another note, had an absolutely fantastic weekend with 5 other ladies this weekend up in Ashland, Oregon. We rode mountain bikes for 2 days, drank way too much tequila, had serious bonding moments over Pictionary, and I think had the general consensus that more frequent ladies’ weekends are a must (or at least would be for me, if I were staying).

The ladies, right before dropping into epic single track

Weekends like the one I just had make moving so bittersweet. I’d be kidding myself it I ever thought this would be easy, or that I wouldn’t get homesick. But we have to have dreams and goals, and we only have one life to live, right?

We’re dead set on making the most of it. Did you hear that, Universe?

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