November 29, 2012

I just had my last day at work. This was my first nursing job, my first “career” job, my first awesome paycheck. I have to say though, as last days go it was the most anti-climactic of all the lasts. I got some love from the doctors, and my one awesome buddy brought me a box of chocolate and some other goodies. I’m thankful for goodies.

While I was at work, Scott spent most of the day dismantling, transporting, and relocating the chicken coop. Yep, the girls moved out today. He sent me play by play texts. And he gave them extra treats for me this morning. I know it’s completely silly, but that totally made me feel better. (If you’re judging me, just unsubscribe now. Spontaneous irrational emotions are part of my charm. I can’t change, I’ve tried.) I’ve been fretting for weeks now about when the girls actually moved out, and maybe dealing with some guilt (irrational side again, I know they’re just chickens- doesn’t change anything)… so last night I conned Scott (after a few beers) and a buddy of ours to take a “family portrait”.

Fellers Family Photo 2012. Too bad I’m not sending out Christmas cards.

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  • Reply Lori December 17, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    I don’t think it’s irrational. Those “girls” were your pets! And I want a Fellers Christmas card, why aren’t you sending any?!

  • Come on, you must want to tell me something!