November 27, 2012

14 days until we get aboard our plane to Christchurch.

The shipping company called yesterday and basically said, “You remember that 72 hour window, Wed-Fri? We can’t do that. We’ll see you tomorrow at 1pm.”

Needless to say, my last two days of work turned into one day. We fueled up on wine and pizza, and nearly pulled an all-nighter last night.

It’s now almost 3pm Tuesday.

Look at my car for comparison! So tiny!

This monstrosity just took away all of our belongings, save for 2 suitcases, 2 carry-ons, and 2 bikes.

The moving guy also bought our recliner off of us. 40 bucks!

Scott is selling my car as I write.

Due to the surprise schedule change, these little buggers are staying until tomorrow:

Scramble and Hop, sprinting for treats. I’ll miss them!!!

I’m mostly feeling fantastic, and fantastically exhausted.

Is it wrong to open another bottle of wine?

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