2 weeks

November 10, 2012

Scott and I both put in our two weeks notice today! This is so exciting to me!

In other news, here’s a 572lb. pumpkin grown at our B&B from this week.

If you guessed the weight right you won a free night. I was 200lb, short,

We also met a lot of farm animals, including this overzealous goat. I thought she was going to knock the fence over. And her goat companion had the talent of standing on her hind legs to eat the leaves off the tree. As a girl who kind of has a fantasy of owning goats one day, I have to say I was shocked to know they can balance on their hind feet… What a gymnast.

Hair, ear, shirt, all in danger.
Goat arabesque. 

More on the new job tomorrow.

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