I belong in the circus…

November 14, 2012
I should join the circus, because I am one hell of a juggler. Projects and documents that I am currently juggling:

Car insurance, re: Subaru broken into last week in SF
Homeowners insurance, re: all of our stuff stolen from Subaru
Homeowners hail insurance, re: had roof estimate done recently (ordered before we knew we were moving!), turns out we have hail damage from last year’s storm! Trying to convince insurance company they do indeed owe us for all aforementioned things thus far.

Working full time (both of us) for 2 more weeks
Flying to Arizona for 4 days this weekend for one last girls trip (Yes, Im crazy. Yes, this was booked prior to my knowledge of our departure date!)
Co-planning 2 going away parties

And the big list:
Completing visa paperwork, which includes but is not limited to
     – Letters from 4 friends documenting my relationship with Scott is real and true (for his visa application)
     – Certified copies of birth certificates, marriage licence, all transcripts, diplomas, registrations, etc.
     – Proof we’ve lived together and own a house including mortgage statements, personal letters, car loan statements, etc.
     – Many photos of us as a couple
     – 28 pages of paperwork filled out perfectly
Visa paperwork will be submitted, and fingers crossed, all processed and done in about 3 weeks, or we cant leave by Dec 11. But it will happen. We’re taking the time and doing it perfectly, and we have the best immigration lawyer. So we’re good to go!
Hiring a shipping company to ship all of our personal belongings that wont be packed on the plane, which leads me to…
Packing. a) stuff for plane (including 5 bikes) . b) stuff for boat (including 4 bikes, est. arrival: 8 weeks after our arrival). c) stuff to store in garage. d) stuff to throw/give away
Sell Subaru
Sell 350Z
Be out by Nov 30 so renters can move in Dec 1
Talk to tax person for NZ taxes
Set up US tax appointment
Set up NZ bank account (recommended to do prior to arrival to get better rates on currency conversion)
Buy all new stuff with insurance money before leaving because everything is MUCH more expensive in NZ

WHEW. Is that crazy or what? I’m sure I left out about 20 things… Oh yeah, Scott’s birthday and Thanksgiving are in there too… somewhere… I feel some holiday postponment coming on. Maybe we’ll deck the halls next year?

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