Quick Progress Report

November 26, 2012
We’re in a sort of survival-packing mode. There’s no food in the house except Scott’s birthday cake, some pickles, and some condiments. Good friends have made us food, offered to have us over for dinner. Anyone who’s come by immediately states their concern for our wellbeing…

Oddly, I feel like a photo of my living room looks cleaner than what I’m looking at right now. The stack of boxes on the right (boxes for the cargo ship) has tripled, but somehow the rest of the clutter hasn’t diminished. This week, we’ll ship all of our cargo to New Zealand, I’ll have my last 2 days at work and work party, we clean and move out of our house, and this weekend we’ll have our Chico going away party.

Backing up for a minute though, and the thing about the shipping company: they gave us a 3 day window regarding the pick up date. 72 hours. We’re supposed to have ALL of our belongings (save the most important things coming on the plane) ready for pick up in a 3 day window. It’s a little absurd. It’s like, hurry up and wait! We might have to be ready Wednesday morning, we might have to be ready Friday evening. WHO KNOWS!

They’ll actually call us 24 hours prior to pick-up, but still. By tomorrow afternoon we have to have all things ship related packed- which actually means we need to have all things plane-related packed. Why? Well, airplane baggage allowances went down in the last year (ie: you only get one free checked bag on international fights) and extra baggage fees went UP. For us to bring 4 extra bags (our original plan) would cost $700! Are you kidding me? So now we need to know exactly how much will fit on the plane, so then, how much to ship. Make sense?

Sold the 350 Z!!! (Well, as of tomorrow morning)
Replaced our things that got stolen
Painted walls
Packed a ton

And tomorrow, the chickens move out!

Who, me?

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