Roller Coaster Life

November 7, 2012

So much has happened in the last week, it’s overwhelming. I am sitting here at my in-laws house, typing on my second brand new Macbook Pro computer of the week. We’re supposed to be in wine country celebrating our belated anniversary, and hopefully will be there soon. It’s been a whirlwind weekend of mostly ups, with a few downs… and right now we’re halfway though a vacation, but here I am posting on my blog. Let me explain:

Up: We are in the bay area for a wedding, which was Sunday evening, and it was lovely. A high school friend of mine got hitched at the Chabot Space Center in Oakland, CA (super cool!). On Saturday, I had the privilege of spending the day with a family friend learning how to make real Mexican food. See, in New Zealand they lack two major components of a happy life: good beer and good Mexican food. I’ve got some good base knowledge on one now, and we’re actually hoping to learn how to brew the other.

Up: Also on Saturday I bought a Macbook Pro, which will be our computer, our TV/movie screen, and our major form of communication while we’re in NZ. I’ve been planning this purchase for about a year, but finally pulled the trigger since we’re almost there.

Down: Yesterday, unfortunately, I found out that I wouldn’t be considered for a job that I’ve been chasing in Nelson for the last several weeks. Although this came as a disappointment, I wasn’t actually that shocked, since it took so long to get an answer. Regardless, it’s not worth ruining a perfectly good week ahead of us.

Up: We spend the night last night in San Francisco, figuring it would be our last night enjoying the city for quite some time. We went to Bourbon and Branch, a super cool speakeasy in the city- the real deal. We registered online for our reservation, and were given a password which had to be spoken at the door to be let in. And this was no average bar- the entrance to B&B is on a busy street corner in SF, but it’s just a sturdy looking door with no sign, no address, no markings. You knock, they open it a crack and ask the password. Don’t forget yours! I highly recommend you check this place out, if your of the sort who enjoys good whiskey, and a bit of mystery.

We enjoyed a great place for dinner who’s name escapes me (maybe from all the bourbon consumed prior to dinner…) and we actually turned in a tad early- I blame Daylight Savings.

Down: Fast forward to this AM and the reason I am typing this novel on my second Macbook Pro. Our beloved (bedraggled?) Subaru was broken into last night while we were out on the town. The thieves helped themselves to my computer, of course, as well as Scott’s extremely high end road bike, one of my mountain bike wheels (but not our mountain bikes), and his gear bag full of bike clothes. After a mini-breakdown, I composed myself while Scott sorted things out with SF’s finest. In the end, everything will be fixed and replaced with very little monetary cost to us- but we’re losing a day of our anniversary celebration doing paperwork.

But, one last thing. One eensy-teensy last thing. Being on board this weekend roller-coaster of ups and downs, life threw us one last very high up (and more paperwork)…

I got a job offer.

And I took it.

The paperwork just got signed and sent. The immigration lawyers are already contacting me. We’re moving to Christchurch, New Zealand sometime in December.
Buckle your seat belts, and stay tuned….!

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*note: ups and downs do not reflect a damn thing related to today’s presidential election- I just noticed the coincidental color coordination. Good luck to both criminals candidates.

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