November 15, 2012

This is what it looks like to apply for a work visa in New Zealand, and for your husband’s work visa as well:

Passports, birth/marriage certs, pictures of us, our mail, our mortgage statements, our loan statements,
our work history, transcripts, 28 pages of carefully filled out forms…

The envelope that all of these documents (at least 100 pages all said and done) ended up being so heavy that UPS billed me for a package instead of an envelope. $18 in postage, and a days of my life shaved off later…

It’s sent! Can’t worry about it any more, it’s out of my control. If this goes as smoothly as my immigration lawyer Peter promises me it will, we’ll get our work visas before the end of the month. Then, no matter the state of the house, our belongings, our finances (eek), our cars, anything… we can go. They’ll accept us and our one way tickets.

Thank you SO MUCH to our friends and family that wrote us testimonials… Mom & Dad, Jade, Ashley, Jen, and Mary, you did us such a huge favor. You all deserve wine!

It’s time to CELEBRATE!!! PACK!!!

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