December 1, 2012

I’m sitting at the Naked Lounge in Chico, blogging on my new laptop, using free wi-fi. For some probably all of you, this really isn’t that exciting. But it is for me. I’ve never gone to a public place to write, blog, etc. My husband and I used to study here when we were in college, but that’s because our roommates were so loud/drunk/messy that we couldn’t find a decent place at home. But for the last 4 years, I haven’t really had a reason to leave home to do stuff like this. I’m a huge nerd, but I’m totally loving it.

So on that note, we’re homeless!! We’re living a cushy vagabond life- currently staying at Scott’s co-worker/friend’s house. We have a little studio apartment to ourselves, and being that his buddy’s name is Larry, we call it “Larry’s Place”, which my dad said sounds like a dive bar. 
(Side note: just tried to upload a picture of Larry’s Place, apparently the free wi-fi I was so excited about is cheap, slow wi-fi. I guess you get what you pay for. It’s probably Comcast… Which for us today, means no pictures!) 
Anyhow, we were at our house until 11pm cleaning floors and walls last night. It wasn’t so bad with streaming music (I miss expensive, functioning wi-fi) and Indian food to keep us fueled. A crazy, torrential downpour made the cleaning more interesting as well- I would clean the floor, Scott would walk across it to pack stuff in the car, I would wipe up the mud, he would forget something and traipse back through. And repeat.
But enough about the cleaning. It’s done! 
We also had a hiccup yesterday that took another year or so off my life: our insurance company called us to tell us that we were being dropped. They graciously and efficiently handled our insurance claims after our car was broken into 3 weeks ago, and I’ve been singing their praises ever since. I’ve told anyone who would listen to switch to ***** **** (I wont publicly slander, but I’ll let you fill in the blanks) because I was so pleased with their service. And then yesterday, my agent called us to tell us that due to our claims (ie: having to use the insurance company for their integral purpose) we would not be able to continue our contract with them. 
I had a heart attack, a quick power cry, and then got on the phone with a family friend, who hooked us up with an agent in Toronto of all places, who was friendly, understanding, and got us a cheaper rate than we had with those previous criminals.
I was planning on some really inspiring post about after the rain, comes the rainbow. Whatever your trouble, it all will come together, and it will all be alright. The universe has our backs, as long as we keep our chins up and our hearts open. Yesterday afternoon there was a phenomenal full rainbow across the sky after the storm. It was so fitting, and I had a great moment of clarity. 
I would share the photo I took with you… but alas… the free wi-fi. 
Lastly, and most importantly: Our visas came today! While I was on the phone with my folks, no less, the doorbell rang and the month of fretting and grey hairs in the making came to an end. We. Can. Go. 
10 days.

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