December 6, 2012

Today’s venue: a coffee shop in Fairfax, CA. Wi-fi quality: good. Bonus – no username/password needed.

I just spent a few hours shopping with my mom in Scott’s neck ‘o the woods. He went off on a bike ride with the guys, and I graciously stayed behind so as to not slow them down wear them out (their nerves, that is, after waiting for me to catch up…)

In any case, it turned out to be a pretty nice day, overcast but pleasant, and I got a little more Christmas shopping out of the way. This may sound productive to you, but our Christmas is in 3 days, which makes today the equivalent of December 22. Which makes me right on target for my usual shopping window. This time though, the stores aren’t bare and people’s faces aren’t so frantic. Weird.

There’s really not much to report unless you want to hear me obsess about my packing worries (3 bikes, 4 pieces of luggage, a billion spare bike parts, and a 6 piece luggage limit… this has actually kept me up at night). I haven’t taken any cool pictures today, albeit the fall colors in Marin are pretty fantastic. And nothing particularly great or annoying has happened in the world today either, so I feel surprisingly devoid of opinions at the moment. Lucky for you.

5 days though! We’re down to one hand!

Count ’em. 5 to go!
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