December 3, 2012
Rainbow over my backyard, our last day in our house.

Look who found fast and free wi-fi! Thank you, T Bar.

Last night was our going away party, we had about 75 people show up for a fun shindig in a friend’s warehouse building. It may sound cold (and random) but it turned out well. Patio heaters, Christmas lights, tricycle races, homebrew, and good food made for a really fun time. There were even a few folks who braved the weather to drive from 3+ hours away. We are lucky to have such great friends, and we’re also really happy to hear everyone made it home ok.

Tonight is our last night in Chico. I’ve actually been really apprehensive about being sad, scared, etc. but I think it was unwarranted. We’re both just ready for this adventure to begin. We love our house and we’ll miss it. We love Chico and we’ll miss it. And we’ll so miss our friends, but this has been 14 months in the making, so it would be a shame to be sad. And luckily, my irrational emotional side seems to have taken a hiatus and kicked back with a mojito or something because I just feel excited. (Ok, and a little stressed… still a lot to do… but the major challenges are over.)

So despite the great wi-fi speed and this killer spot I scored on a busy night at T-bar, I’m going to log off and go see a movie with my husband. In the midst of all of the insanity, we’re looking forward to sitting, relaxing, and turning our brains off. Plus, I can’t miss the latest James Bond… I have my priorities.

Larry’s chickens, to whom I find myself growing quite attached, although I don’t know their names…

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