Exploring Christchurch: Christmas

December 25, 2012

First and foremost, Merry Christmas from New Zealand!

Our day started out looking a lot like a Northern Hemisphere Christmas:

Brrrrrr. Who authorized this?

But after a few hours (spent completing nursing education modules, ick) things brightened up. We visited the botanical gardens – see picture overload below – and the day has become quite enjoyable:

This is what Im talking about. Merry Christmas!

So after the fog burned off, but prior to pouring rose, we spent some time eating Subway sandwiches (depressing, but the only thing open after a 20 minute drive through a desolate city), feeding very hungry ducks, and enjoying the botanical gardens. We realized that all the people who aren’t at the beach or at home are at the gardens having picnics. Why didn’t we think of this? And no, Subway sandwiches don’t count as a picnic. These people had barbecues going and cheeses and desserts and champagne… I was so jealous.

Picnickers who knew how to do Christmas in Christchurch

Anyways, photos from the rest of our Botanical Garden Visit (part 2 of 3289473298; Holiday Special):

Little ducks eating right out of my hand. Im a sucker for ducks.
Acknowledge the Tree : People ratio.
Ongoing challenge: Name 5 things cuter than ducklings.

This is definitely the least traditional Christmas we have experienced, (especially with the Subway, which will not be a tradition, although the ducks approved) but we have made the best of being away from family and friends. That being said, we love you all, and hope you have had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tomorrow.

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