Exploring Christchurch: Creativity

December 15, 2012
Bus Bar (ie: “Smash Palace”) in city center

Its 8:30pm in these pictures… gotta love summer in the far south

A quick example of Kiwi creativity and resilience: this bar was crafted from a bus after the earthquake. It’s on an abandoned street corner of the city center, amongst some other restaurants, shops, and broken empty buildings. The cheeseburgers were amazing, and the beer… well… decent for New Zealand standards. (I can’t wait to start brewing our own.) It was particularly funny to see a bunch of drunk Santas and elves running around… it’s obviously Christmas time but I just can’t adjust. It’s warm, humid, and sometimes downright hot during the day, and the sun is out for a ridiculous 17 hours!

The plan for tomorrow: buy a 2 cars. We’re looking at a Subaru Justy and a Mazda Bongo Friendee. Yeah, you think I made those names up…

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