No Internet!

December 21, 2012

Hello! It’s been so long!

Not really, I suppose, but I have so much to report on! Grocery shopping (less painful than expected!), a new job, moving into the new house, and more!

We moved into our house on Thursday, and among other things, were promised to by Vodaphone (Kiwi for Sprint? They already feel so similar) that our internet would be working upon our arrival. If you can’t tell by my lack of posts or general cyber-presence, it’s not working. Vodaphone sent me a text promising to come fix it today sometime between 12-5pm (typical broad time frame here)… so lets hope.

At the moment I’m at the public library, which is kind of a huge warehouse. I’m not sure if this was always the library or if it is the post earthquake one… there was probably a plaque at the entrance I could have read. Anyways, the internet is free and the kids are sort of well behaved, so what else can one ask for?

My brain and creativity seem to be needing caffeine, so at the moment I will just leave you with a few pictures.

It’s totally acceptable to have a beer in the park, so we did.

A curious friend, disappointed in the lack of snacks provided.
We found a drinkable beer- so it deserves a picture!
Although being called an American Pale Ale makes it kind of anti-climactic. 

Watching a storm roll in over the ocean – the weather is moody and labile here. I like it!

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