On the road again!

January 11, 2013

This time, it’s coffee.

Before, I was constantly guzzling tea to get free wi-fi (in the United States)… this time, it’s flat whites. A flat white is the same as a latte, as far as I can tell. The espresso here seems a little weaker somehow, which generally sounds like a bad thing, but since coffee gives me the jitters, I’m actually kind of enjoying being able to drink it. Anyways…

We’ve been in Nelson for a couple of days with a buddy that flew in from the states. While Scott and Alex (the buddy) are off on a bike ride, I thought I’d find a nice little cafe and update my blog. I opened my computer to find the battery on red. No problem, I thought. I brought my charger and¬†sat next to the outlet. I’m so on top of it.

Well my charger adapter¬†seems to have escaped and I am definitely not winning. I’m typing as quickly as possible, hoping to upload a few photos before this thing dies. My flat white hasn’t even showed up yet.

So here’s a few photos of Abel Tasman National Park near Nelson, NZ. I’ll post more about the whole experience at a later, more battery capable date.

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