How To Have An Amazing Weekend

February 11, 2013

This past weekend we decided to stay in Christchurch, which was the first full weekend off together without travel. I would definitely argue that travel is the glue that binds and seals my marriage, we are both explorers at heart. But it was lovely having a weekend together in our new hometown. Don’t think that all we did was kick back and relax though…

Here’s the itinerary for The Perfect Weekend:


8:45    (sleep in) Wake up and enjoy breakfast #1
9:30    Run a few miles and follow up with 20-30 minutes yoga in the park
10:30  Go out to breakfast (#2) at Under the Red Verandah. Order pumpkin and feta salad, taste husband’s poached egg bruschetta. Be amazed.
11:30  Go to Riccarton Farmer’s Market. Discover artisan cheeses, savory pastries and homemade chocolate, all to be enjoyed next to a little river (ducks!). Be amazed again.
1:00    Buy equipment to brew beer. More on that later.
3:00    Go to friend’s house and learn how to make honey. Get sticky. Come home wanting to be a beekeeper. More on this later as well.
5:00    Go to the beach. Watch the end of the Coast to Coast and enjoy a glass of savi. Be amazed. Again.
7:00    Go to friend’s house for home-made pizza and wine. Meet new people. Enjoy.
10:00  Fall into comatose sleep.


9:00    Wake up and make breakfast
10:00  Drive over to Lyttleton.
10:10  Drive back to Christchurch because you realize you forgot to get gas, and Lyttleton apparently doesn’t have any.
10:30  Check out Living Springs Farm. Donkeys and sheep and pigs and goats, oh my!
11:30  Drive around the Banks Penninsula. Explore mountain bike trails and tramping tracks.
2:00    Enjoy lunch outside in Diamond Harbor, across the bay from Lyttleton.
2:30    Listen to live music on the lawn and bask in the sun with a glass of savi.
4:00    Drive back to Christchurch and do shuttle runs with the freshly unpacked DH bikes. Hit the biggest drop you’ve ever hit, and catch the most air you’ve ever caught on a series of doubles.
6:00    Sip on a beer at Cassel and Sons Brewery on the way home.
8:00    Cook dinner together and listen to good old country music. Drink beer. Watch Its Always Sunny.

And that, my friends, is how you have the perfect weekend. Photos below.

Sunday’s Route:

Yes, I took a photo of my computer screen. I’m technologically challenged.
Entering the Lyttleton Tunnel, which I’m irrationally afraid of.
A sleeping kunekune pig at Living Springs Farm (I want one)
Who couldn’t love that face?
View from Living Springs, site “B” on the nifty map above.
Part of the NZ tourism committee
Just your typical Canterbury summer scenery…
Checking out the sheep watching mountain bike trails…
Yep, that’s a good track.
Definitely ride-able bridges to berms to bridges…
I love this.
Fresh Egg Stand employees…
Godley Head Cafe in Diamond Harbour
Live music in the park. All these people knew to bring their own wine. So smart.
Looking east to the Pacific Ocean
Diamond Harbour
View from the summit

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