8 Things To Do In Christchurch For Less Than $8

March 26, 2013

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates this week! We were in Queenstown for the last 6 days (this, I am not sorry about) and the wi-fi was atrocious. I would have loved to do a small photo post or a quick update about the race from hell 6 hour enduro, but the connection was even too poor for that. So, hiatus it was.

I have a ridiculous amount of photos to upload and sift through, and I will have to take some time to compose my most poignant thoughts (ha!) for my next few posts. But in the meantime….

I wrote another article for Expats Blog. This time, the topic was provided, and it is entered in their annual writing contest. The topic? Write your own “Top 10 Whatever to do Wherever” article. Like, Top 10 Museums To See in Paris, etc. Be creative.

I thought to myself, no problem! I’ve got this one in the bag. …and then I started thinking about it. Be creative? Winners will be chosen by social media?… er… hm. I’m not so big on the social media.

After pondering, forgetting about it, and pondering some more, I decided I would write the best article I could about activities in Christchurch. After all, most travelers are downright wary about coming here at all. Christchurch is a pretty main hub on your South Island adventure though (ie: Hwy 1 travels through, and there’s no easy way around it), so you may as well have a few ideas of what to do while you’re here, right?

Coming up with things to do wasn’t hard for me, and keeping them cheap wasn’t hard either since Scott & I are pretty frugal with our hard earned money. But writing about it… a bit dry. Trying to make it entertaining without sounding like a cheap travel advert… impossible I think. Sandals Resorts may be calling any moment to offer me a job in sales.

Anyways, you can find my article here: Expats Blog Writing Contest March 2013. If you would like

to “vote” for me, you have to share my article on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. At the foot of the article there’s a little “Help To Win” box, where you can share it. Comments help too, but they are really looking for the social media connections. Obviously, I would love it if anyone wants to do this; especially if you’ve found my article helpful in any way!

Alright, I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture from our week. This is your reward for reading my article (now go do it!)

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

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