A Different Way to Do Things…

March 11, 2013

I think it’s about time for another installment of “How things are different in NZ”. There are the obvious bits about living in Christchurch that are obviously drastically different than living in the states… but how about a few of the smaller nuances that are common for the kiwis but not for us?

Hanging clothes out to dry:
Fact: I never thought I would see Scott hang his laundry out on the line. In his defense, we’ve always had a dryer. That being said, he’d be keen on using the dryer if I didn’t harp about being a good Kiwi. New Zealanders don’t use dryers except in the case of extreme emergency it seems. Whether its an apartment building or a mansion, there’s clothes lines in the side yard. Not only is electricity expensive here (and therefore wasteful when it comes to clothes drying), but people here actually seem to take some personal responsibility regarding the matter. Why would you spend money and use valuable electricity when the same thing can be done by the sun, for free?
The mailman rides a bicycle:
I actually haven’t seen mail trucks since we’ve arrived… I don’t even know yet if they exist.
The money looks like monopoly money.
Why do they get pictures of birds instead of in addition to dead white guys?
And they don’t use 1 cent coins. But they DO use 1 dollar and 2 dollar coins.
I also really like that some gas stations provide an attendant who will pump your gas for you. I recognize that this happens in some states, but it didn’t happen in mine. Anyways, the thing that I like is that I go to the same gas station about 75% of the time… so I’ve actually gotten to acquainted with the attendant. He’s given me advice regarding my car, and he always washes the windows. Sometimes, I just feel like I travelled back in time to a decade when people were friendlier and when parents didn’t have to teach their children to avoid the gas station attendant because he’s probably an ex-con. I would provide a picture here, but ya’ll would see how much gas costs per litre, and then none of you would come visit.
Speaking of new and different things, Scott and I are off shortly for Monday Night Date Night. MNDN was always kind of a joke between us- it seemend like the only free night we had between my crazy work schedule and his crazy MTB schedule always fell on a Monday. New country, new jobs, new life? Same night seems to be free… so we’re off to try a local restaurant I’ve been wanting to check out since we got here. It’s called Gor:lla (not a type-o!), and their motto is Good Simple Local. I’ll letcha know how it goes!

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