Here Comes the Sun…

March 6, 2013

At this rate, sunrise pictures are going to be my new photo phase (although don’t think you’ll never see another duckling). And if you don’t like sunrises, I’m sorry. (But really, who are you?!) 

I find that between getting up at 6am nearly every day for work, and having a glass wall that faces the east, I see a lot of sunrise. Some mornings are just gray. Some, the sun peaks over a crystal blue ocean and enters a clear sky. Others have glimmers of color. But many, so many more than I ever would have guessed, look like the one today. I thought a great one may be coming. I woke up to just a sliver of vibrant orange light, sitting on the ocean like fog hovers on a lake.
Evolution of a sunrise…
Naturally, my photography skills don’t do justice.
That’s really all from here for now. I just finished up day 5 out of a 6 day stretch of work, so I’m a bit fried and devoid of creativity/news/any thoughts at all. I hope all my readers are finding themselves happy and healthy. It’s almost Friday (in New Zealand!)

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