Local Expert Series: Homesickness

March 6, 2013

Hey all!

I just wanted to share with you an article I wrote for Expats Blog website. Expats Blog is a fantastic¬†resource for new expats and those looking into beginning life as an expat. I’d also encourage family members of expats to check out the website and see what living abroad is all about.

My article is featured today, so you will find it on the homepage. But for future reference, the link to my article can be found here: The Stress of Being an Expat and Homesickness.

I haven’t written much about homesickness in my blog, because I truly believe that what you focus on becomes what you are. I have no remorse regarding our decision to try out life in a new country. But of course I have moments, days even, when I feel the pangs of isolation and when the memories of home are more bittersweet than sweet. I’ve understood from the beginning that this is completely normal, and the best thing to do is acknowledge that it is happening and move on.

I’ve already met other expats whose experiences are awful because of homesickness. I wouldn’t want this for myself or anyone I care about. I’m hoping my insight on the matter will help at least one expat out there know that they aren’t alone, but also know that by working at it, they can overcome the negative feelings they have and get on with an amazing experience.

Alright, stepping off my soapbox now! I hope you all enjoy the article, and take a moment to check out the Expats Blog website, its a good one!

Below: a little bit of bottled goodness that gave me a quick pang of homesickness… until I saw the price! That’s for one¬†Sierra Nevada!! (But at least it is available here… in one store!)


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