Anzac Day

April 26, 2013

It is the end of April (which if I were constantly converting into northern hemisphere monthly equivalents, would be the end of October. But I’m definitely not doing that anymore…). We are well in to fall, and frankly I have been bracing myself strongly for winter. Because every Canterburian insists on telling us how insanely awful it’s going to be. But how can it really be THAT bad? I mean, it barely even snows, and sure the wind comes from Antartica (really), but it’s got all kinds of miles to warm up between there and here. Right?

Anyway I’m getting off track. So it’s the end of April, it’s fall, and I keep meaning to take pictures of the amazing foliage. I mistakenly thought that most fauna was evergreen in New Zealand, and that we wouldn’t experience the normal color cascades of fall. Man, was I wrong. And I’ve planned, for at least a week now, on documenting how beautifully wrong I was. But I can never, ever, ever seem to remember my camera. Except when I go on a bike ride. Which is what I did yesterday. And it was beautiful. Not a fall color to be seen. Ocean everywhere.

Yesterday was Anzac Day. I know all of you Americans just thought to yourselves, “Anza-wha?” So did I, until Google helped me out last week. Anyways, Anzac Day is a(nother) New Zealand public holiday. On this day we remember the Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.” (Source: directly plagiarized from Wikipedia). I suppose it’s akin to Memorial Day. Everyone wears a red poppy pinned to their shirts to show support and respect for those who served.

Scott got the day off and went off to play in the mountains with the other mountain bikers. I on the other hand, had a work day starting at 3pm (cha-ching! Holiday Pay!) and had to find ways to entertain myself all morning. So instead of remembering to take photos of pretty fall trees, I went for a bike ride. And took lots and lots of pictures of the pretty ocean. A lot like the pretty pictures you’ve all been subject to before. But this is my blog. So here’s my lovely, if not mildly familiar, Anzac Day pre-work bike ride photos:

Maybe I’m having a hard time believing all the winter talk because it looks LIKE THIS outside!!!
A glimpse of a few feet of my 2,600ft climb. Yep, did it to myself people.
View of Christchurch from the south… flat…
“You know you’re in Christchurch when…”
Taylor’s Mistake. I don’t know what mistake Taylor made… cuz I would totally land my ship there too.
A bunch of locals, and one who really wants to know WTH I’m doing so close to her paddock.
Close up of the skeptic.
My trusty steed.
So that was my solo Anzac Day adventure. I admit, as a good Kiwi I should have been at a service at dawn. But I didn’t read about that until, well, just now actually… there’s always next year!

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