Bike Rides and Baaaaa!

April 13, 2013

I’m a lucky lady. Last week, Scott came home with a new bike… and it wasn’t for him. After a few months of (not so) subtle hinting on my part, he sussed out a great bike for me. See, I’ve always thought road riding was a) dangerous, b) boring, and thus c) pointless. After moving to New Zealand though, I admit I may have been mistaken. Or rather, all those points are absolutely true in the States and therefore I was not wrong. But here in New Zealand, the roads go such beautiful places! And outside of a few lot of earthquake damaged roads in Christchurch, they are amazingly well maintained. Which I’ve heard has something to do with our astronomical petrol prices. Anyways…

Here’s the new steed:

I took her for the inaugural spin last weekend in Akaroa. It was a great time, with rolling hills and beautiful views.

So yesterday I decided to venture out on my own. Unfortunately for me, however, a neighborhood ride either means going straight down my mega steep hill, or going up my mega steep hill. I opted for up. The mountain we live on is called Mount Pleasant, which is amusing considering how pleasant it is(nt) to ride up!

One of my favorite things about riding in NZ (on road or on dirt) is coming across my neighbors. They’re usually quiet, although sometimes I think they’re mocking me as I chug up the hill. And it seems like they are always eating. But they’re friendly. And I love seeing them.

Please excuse the quality… it’s what a $150 phone will get you in New Zealand….

I would love to plop a house right in the middle of the picture above. That would be perfect.

So I don’t know if I’ll be racing my road bike anytime soon… but I think I will really enjoy riding it around the hills. Maybe bringing a picnic or riding out to a vineyard for some wine tasting with Scott. (Hint, hint husband.)

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