April 18, 2013
What’s the old saying… “Discussing religion and politics is unfit for polite company.”

Well I never promised to be polite.

Seriously though, I avoid these topics because none of us really know what is best… or who it is best for. I think we can all lead very different lives with very different political and religious beliefs, and continue being very good people. I’m down with God and Buddha and Allah and whomever, as long as he/she/they/it make you a good, loving human.

HOWEVER… equality amongst all people. Apparently I’m passionate about it because I’ve re-written this paragraph 4 times now. I just can’t explain myself without bringing forward issues and opinions that will likely offend someone. I’ll just put it this way: I agree with just about every pro-equality argument. So no need to re-hash them all here. I also recognize that much more hateful and harmful suppression still exists world-wide. I don’t think same-sex equality is more important than women’s suffrage or religious freedom. I simply believe that every human should have equal rights, and I’m elated to say that I’m currently living in a country whose leaders feel the same way.

Yesterday, Parliament passed an amendment to the Marriage Act, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage. Thank you New Zealand, for opening your eyes, embracing all of your citizens, and yet again being a country that truly leads. (New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote, way back in 1893. In the United States, the 19th amendment was passed in 1918. 25 years later.)

It is actually very un-Kiwi of me to be spouting off my beliefs like this… what if I insult?! So now I hereby resign from my soap box, and leave you with a little humor. I think that’s the best way to cope with religion and politics. I mean, if we can’t laugh about life, where will we be?

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And now back to your regularly scheduled non-controversial Kiwi programming…

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