Getting Up at 6am Leads To A Lot Of This…

April 29, 2013

So Scott asked me the other day, “How many pictures of the sunrise is one too many?” This is a valid question when you see the recent imports from the camera. But I’ve been getting up at 6am every day for 5 years and I’ve seen more in the last 4 months than the prior 56 months combined. Then I started bringing my camera to work with me because my drive along the estuary frequently provides a stunning view.

So here… you tell me, how many pictures of sunrise is one too many? Are we there yet?

Saturday Morning

Lets see, what is new?

Scott found a cool bar called The Volstead Trading Company here in Christchurch. They have a real selection of beers, including imports. Among these imports… Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA and Arrogant Bastard! (Take note dad… the later is $21 for a 650ml bottle!!!! How much do they charge at Rellik?) Regardless, so¬†good to know there’s a place with familiar brews in times of homesickness!

Sunday Morning over the estuary
In other news, this week’s biggest dilemma for me is where shall we go for my birthday? It’s not for 5 weeks, but I’d like to get on an airplane and go somewhere. And since Scott’s at his new job and we’re both saving vacation time… it won’t be somewhere far. I figure either Auckland or Wellington…. decisions, decisions. Tough life, I know.
The difference 5 minutes can make, between this photo and the next…
Monday morning (today) over the estuary
This post is much to do about nothing, isn’t it? I guess it’s just the old saying, “no news is good news”… life is going as planned at the moment. Scott and I have the weekend off together coming up, so hopefully we do something fun- and worthy of writing home about. Literally!


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