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April 2, 2013

I have a bunch of photos from this Art Garden south of Queenstown. I thought it was super cool, although I may be the only one. We cruised around and checked out some unique art (mostly NZ culture or yoga inspired), and enjoyed the wonderful views and gardens. I don’t have much else to add, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… and throw in the rest of my random thoughts of the day.

Random Thought: Today is April 2, the equivalent of October 2 in the northern hemisphere. Someday I’ll stop trying to convert the seasons and just accept them for what they are, but right now I am still constantly converting. Anyways, it was about 75 degrees and sunny. I treated myself to a walk on the beach and I realized… I live closer to the ocean than I do to a grocery store! By about 10 minutes! I vow to go to the beach more often.

Check out that un-staged rainbow!

Random Thought: I did not win my blog contest. Or come even close. But I don’t blame you guys… sharing via social media is an awful way to vote (no offense, Expats Blog.) And I don’t like spamming you guys. And frankly, I wasn’t nearly as creative as some of the winners. You can check them out here.

We were on the 45th parallel, the southern equivalent of being in southern France

Random Fact: Christchurch has an “international relationship” with Seattle, WA. I don’t know what is included in this relationship. I don’t even know if Seattle knows. They didn’t tell us about it when we were there last summer. Maybe Seattle is cheating.

I really like this picture.

Random Fact: The above photo is currently the background on my computer screen. I really like the colors. And some day I’d like to work in the wine business. Maybe.

You guys are going the wrong way!
Random Thought: Easter is a really big deal in New Zealand. Like at most holiday times, Kiwis feel the need to pack up and go on vacation effectively shutting down essential businesses such as banks, auto mechanics, and my favorite cafe. For Easter, they start on Good Friday, and stretch it on through “Easter Monday”. I think Easter Monday really is a thing, but it’s not in the States, and I’m not up on my biblical studies. For Scott it was all pure awesomeness and 4 day weekend bliss. For me it was actually awesome in the form of 4 days of holiday pay and 2 days in lieu.
Took this one with my grandmas in mind…
Extended Thought From The Above Thought: Do they have “days in lieu” in the States? Like, when you work a holiday you get holiday pay and a full vacation day credit? I like it. I also like the non-commercialism of the holiday. Just like at Christmastime, there was a noticeable lack of holiday vomit.
We saw him, he was big.
Random Thought: I haven’t bought one piece of new clothing since we moved here. But it’s not because I haven’t tried. I just cant wrap my head around fashion here (and in turn they probably think i have awful fashion). I have 3 long sleeved shirts to my name and winter will be here in a matter of weeks, so I really need to figure it out!
Random facts within my post about random facts…
Back to the easter thing: I got this amazing shipment from my amazing mother for Easter. Not that the rocky road eggs lasted until Easter, and less than one week later there’s only one cookie left. But how awesome is this… Upper Crust (Chico, CA) cookies with eating instructions:
Thanks mom, you’re the best!

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