Illness Has Replaced Inspiration

May 6, 2013

I haven’t been sick in two years. I’ve been on eight flights (15 if you count to and from) in the last 2 years. Not sick. I’ve been a nurse the whole time. Not sick. I’ve ridden my bike through the snow with summer gloves and wet socks. Not sick. I’ve switched jobs, moved houses, jumped continents, managed more stress than I knew was possible. Not sick.

But my husband has one friend with a little cold and bam…. as of yesterday, despite all my normal fool-proof methods of staving off illness, I have a sore throat. Now I know all of you with kiddos, or who teach for a living (bless you), are thinking, “Welcome to my normal Tuesday.” But being healthy for the last 2 years has put me at a disadvantage. I’ve forgotten how utterly annoying it is for my throat to hurt. For food to have not taste. For my ears to ache. To sneeze constantly. For this weird goop to come out of my nose. This is awful and I did not sign up for it.

In the time since I contracted this cold the plague, my creativity seems to have drained. I have no wheels turning in my snot infested brain. When I try to think of something interesting or at least funny, my eyes start to water and my ears itch and ache at the same time (why do they do that?!!!) I’ve got nothing for you guys. But then again, I’m the one suffering here. Why don’t you entertain me??

Anyways, I’ve been saving an article for a time when I have nothing to write about, which is obviously now (is anyone even still reading this?). I answered a few questions for a European fashion e-mag called Bella about what it’s like to live abroad. It’s unfortunate they didn’t mention my blog in the article… but regardless it’s a cute little compilation.

Don’t strain your eyes. you can read the full article here. I’ts in the May issue, on pages 45-47.

Not to be out-done, my super talented other half managed to get his photo in this month’s issue of Spoke Magazine. Spoke is an artsy bike mag published here in New Zealand. They used a professional photographer’s photo of Scott taken during the Dodzy Enduro for their write up of the event. My photo is a handheld snapshot of the magazine, so it’s pretty poor quality. But it was a fun surprise to open up this month’s mag and see Scott!

Well I think I’ll get back to my busy schedule of doing absolutely nothing, because this is wearing me out. I promise I have some really good blog posts coming up… I just need my hearing, breathing, and brain function back first.

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  • Reply Lori May 7, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    WHY are you two so fabulous?! Feel better my friend. I had my first migraine the other week and almost cried in pain

  • Come on, you must want to tell me something!