Kodak Moments: Snow in Christchurch!

May 29, 2013

I’ve never lived in a city where it snows. Granted, I’ve been to the snow a bazillion times, ridden bikes and sleds and snowboards on the snow. I’ve hiked in the snow, driven in the snow, cursed the snow, and sworn I’d never live in the snow. But I’ve never sat in my own living room and had the satisfaction of watching the snow fall lazily down while I’m tucked in my cozy house with a mug of hot chocolate.

And I probably never will, because a) the snow we experienced was a torrential wind ridden snow storm mixed with hail, b) if you do live in New Zealand, you do not have a cozy house, and c) I would never choose hot chocolate over wine.

Anyways, I intended to go on a hike in the snow this morning, but I got distracted by finishing my book. More on the book later. So it was an afternoon hike, and it appeared that 90% of the snow had melted. Regardless, I threw on my shoes, grabbed my camera, and drove to the top of the hill we live on.

Looking West towards the Southern Alps
Attempted close up of the Alps…
 Remember how I said that I “threw on some shoes”. Yeah… I actually underestimated the snow on the walking track. I threw on my Toms, albeit the ones with the wool lining, but 100% non-waterproof nonetheless. Fantastic reasoning on my part.
My hike was more of an amble, and it was a short, tedious, freezing cold amble. Of course I deserved every moment of discomfort because I have a pair of waterproof boots sitting by the door at home.
Not deep at all…
“…I did not sign up for this…”
“…who sheered me right before it SNOWED??”

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