Cover Boy!

June 14, 2013

This is a very tardy post…. Scott is on the cover of this month’s New Zealand Mountain Biker magazine! This is arguably the larger of the two mountain bike mags in the country. I’ve snapped a number of phone pictures when I see it on the rack at the gas station, grocery store, etc… but I’ll spare you all those blurry, low quality photos. (I got a lot of raised eyebrows from strangers…)

Anyways, Scott got asked to review the new Rocky Mountain trail bike. He kept the bike for a few weeks and test rode it like it was his own (poor bike). He actually ended up really liking it, and may have been a bit sad to give it back. He gave his feedback to assist in the review, and figured that was the end of it. But then he was asked to be the rider showcasing the bike on the cover of the magazine! Needless to say, I am super proud of my hubby!

Fun Fact: Scott’s done a number of races with Blind Bobby, who is also from Northern California.
Pretty cool to have the feature article be about one of our own “hometown heroes”.
Close up from the above shot
Again, close up

I took this last picture while we were in the airport waiting to come home from Wellington. There he is, front and center!

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