I know it’s hot where you are…

June 30, 2013

According to my blog’s statistics (which I think are about 50% accurate, maybe), over 90% of my readers are in the Northern Hemisphere. Namely, the US and Great Britain. So wherever you are, its somewhere between pleasant and scorching hot. And in the back if your mind you know that the southern hemisphere is having winter… but that’s pretty hard to comprehend when its 98 degrees and you’re having your 3rd wine cooler on the front porch. I know.

But it’s cold here. Like, real cold. The wind comes from Antarctica, making many nights around -5. OK, that’s in Celsius, which is less impressive than if it were -5 degrees F. But negative-any number is really cold. June started out kind of like a California winter. And then it started to rain. And rain. And rain.

And Rain.
And rain…
And rain.

Our house was, thankfully, just fine (being perched on a hill has its benefits). Many homes, schools, and business… not so much.

Just for something different, it snowed a little bit. But only enough for color, an inch or two on the ground, and  – oh yeah – for several schools and businesses to close because everyone gets very excited about an inch of snow! In their defense, rarely does it snow. So no one is prepared, no one is used to driving in it, etc.

I don’t have much to update ya’ll on. Can you tell? I just got done sitting the test from hell (ACLS for you nurses out there) so my brain is fried and I haven’t done anything fun in a few weeks. Also, we’re dog-sitting a furry little lady named Sally, who requires lots of walks and treats and pets. She really doesn’t care if I get my blog updated or not.

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