Ride Through the Country

June 5, 2013

It’s not (totally) that I’ve been slacking. Exactly. I’m at the end of a 6-day work week and on day two of being tummy bug free. I don’t really know what hit me last weekend, but it was nauseating. Literally.

Anywho, last weekend was the Queen’s Birthday, which sounds quite fun and fancy. It is, of course, a New Zealand public holiday, celebrated on the first Monday in June. Why wouldn’t you give the whole country a day off in honor of a monarch that doesn’t even live here? Hooray! I observed it like I have almost every holiday here- by working and getting my day in lieu. Vacation, here we come!

So there’s not too much interesting news from down here, between the working and laying on the couch. But we are off to Wellington tomorrow for my birthday weekend (all birthdays, in my opinion, should be honored a multi-day celebration including – but not limited to – chocolate, wine and shopping). So more on that later!

Below: a few photos from a recent road ride around Tai Tapu.

Purty darn pleasant…
Mainly posted this so Scott would know there is a cafe out there with lovely pastries that he has not yet sampled…
No autographs!
Sheep face
One does not get far on her road bike when one must take photos of every sheep and duck one sees.
By the way- A black sheep????!
Tell me you wouldn’t want to live here. So peaceful!!!

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