The Bike Husband’s Adventure: Part 2

June 18, 2013

By Scott Fellers

So where was I?

Another early morning drop off on top of a ridge and we were deep in the back country of New Zealand.  This ride was the kinda famous/ infamous (depending on who you talk to) Nydia Bay ride.  It is posted on some bike websites as a cool track but it is easy to get in over your head, as there is no way out if you decide that extremely slippery technical riding isn’t your cup of tea.  But that is just how Zane, Richey and I like our tea so we were more than excited to get started!

Yeah boi!!


God rays coming through the clouds.
The ride started with us chasing each other down the forest yelling and hollering!
SO many good views of the sounds.
Lots of ferns made the pictures tough.   This climb was actually one best parts of the ride!  There were so many roots to navigate through that you would get into some flow going up hill and just start cleaning super technical parts without much thought!
Bikes and rainforest are a sweet combo!!
So after two rad descents and one rewardingly technical climb, we finally got to the highlight of the ride!  The pet eel!! It took a couple of hours to get here so we were also all ready for some food.  And by all of us, I mean the 3 riders and the eel.  It was kinda scary but the eel was happy to share some of your sandwich straight out of your hand!  This eel is actually a wild fresh water Shortfin Eel that will live in this little bit of the creek for years, before it eventually leaves to mate. After it gives birth somewhere out in the tropical part of the ocean, it will die of exhaustion!
Zane was the first one to try hand feeding the eel!
Just chillen with our new friend.
Some old farm equipment worked as the perfect bike rack.
To get to this farm you have to come by boat.  There are no roads here, but there is a water taxi that will drop off supplies.

A total of 5.5 hours and 34 kms later, we emerged from the woods muddy, wet and as happy as could be.  I can’t think of another ride where I spent so much time hanging off the bike with a foot out, drifting wildly!  This turned out to be one of the best rides I have ever done! Thanks to the guys for showing me around for the long weekend!

After ride number 3 there was no beach and no beautiful creek, but there was a rad beer garden and a tasty pizza!  I also found my  favorite beer in New Zealand: the 8 Wired Super Conductor.
Cheers all!

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