This is Christchurch

July 19, 2013

I ran across this video today, and thought to myself, Yeah… that’s exactly what it feels like. So for those of you who have emailed me, and the rest of you that are wondering: this is what Christchurch is like today, 2.5 years after the earthquake.

Obviously this video isnt highlighting the positive things about Christchurch (although the Pallet Pavilion and re:START Mall both get cameos). Other than a nice beach shot or two, it all kind of looks like a construction nightmare covered in dust and rainwater. But instead of focusing on the awesome like I usually do, I thought I’d give everyone a look at exactly what I see when I drive around the CBD every day.

Just click on the thumbnail above…
(It has come to my attention that you must be viewing on a real computer to see the link above. Sorry!)
A word to the wise: don’t bother learning the landmarks as a way to navigate through town. Buildings both pop up and disappear daily!

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