“Walking” Sally

July 14, 2013

Sally is the little furball who requires lots of time and attention we are puppy sitting this month. She’s a really sweet, well mannered dog… well mostly…, but the girl has energy. The dog I had growing up was a bit lazier (which had not. a. thing. to do with her luck in owners), and so when Sally’s humans asked us to walk her each day, I thought ok, no big deal. How hard can it be? She’s like… a foot long.

After a week of runs at the park that I found completely unnecessary (remember how I recently rediscovered my love of running? Yeah, me either.), I decided that taking Sally on really long off-leash walks is the way to go. Ie: She runs, I walk. And if all goes according to plan, she gets worn out. Ideally so worn out that I don’t feel guilty about not walk/running her the following day when I go snowboarding all day and she’s stuck at home. Aw.

Anyways, being the dead of winter and there not being as many glorious sunrise/ocean views for me to post, I brought my camera up the hill with me for my walk with Sally. For the record, she is an awful subject. I took about 30 pictures which were supposed to be of her. We had an approximated 33% success rate.

Where’s Waldo Sally? Not in the picture, that’s where!
Not getting any doggy modeling contracts anytime soon.
Action shot!
Blending in with the tussocks.

It takes 2 hands to type a blog at any reasonable speed, and this is resulting in some serious glaring in my direction from one obviously highly neglected animal. Apparently she’s not impressed with getting her own blog post. Off I go to serve the master of the house.

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