It’s that time of year again!!!

October 17, 2013
The sun is shining (between thunderstorms) and the trees have leaves again… finally. What does this mean for me? Hayfever!
But what else?
Baby ducks.

Baby ducks are the best. For those of you who’ve just stumbled upon this blog and haven’t tirelessly scoured the last 14 months (!) worth of rambling (shame on you), you must know this: I find baby farm animals fantastic. Kittens are just small mean cats waiting to turn on you when you least expect it, and puppies are lovely but just remind me of how I can’t have one. Little lambs, however, and goats and pigs and chicks… they are just the best. And ducklings may take the cuteness cake. I’m not sure.
Who let you be so cute?

We took a stroll through Hagley Park last Saturday with the sole purpose of taking a duckling tour. They did not disappoint. Neither did the seasonally confused trees. They must think they’re in the northern hemisphere…

Beautiful none the less..

More importantly, more ducks:

Moms are always watching…
So tiny she can swim in the puddle!
Spring time is also great because the time changes, the evenings are long, and therefore the bike riding is prolific. Ive ridden the last 5 nights straight. It’s awesome. Also, to add to the awesomeness, race season is upon us.
The Vic Park DH was last weekend. I planned on doing it, even practiced in the rain on Saturday night- but it turned out to be the slipperiest mudfest I’ve ever seen. Usually I get along with the mud, but this was like Crisco greased with KY jelly mud. And the course would have also been the steepest (by far) that I’ve ever raced. Without the mud or without the steep I should have been in… but the combo put me on the sidelines.
Scott did brave the mud and enter the race on Sunday. He also put together a pretty solid race run, following a few issues including us racing back home to switch tires… yikes! But he managed to pull off a first place finish in his age group (Masters, ha ha.) and 14th overall. It was a crazy race to watch, with more crashing than I’ve ever seen before. I was thankful to be a spectator.
View from Vic Park
Scott during his seeding run- a very slippery and steep section of trail
Scott during race run
Also Scott’s race run, obviously Photo Credit¬†goes to somebody else.
Thats my man! (Photo Credit)
Such a clear day after the rain! View of Christchurch from the top of the hills.

Unfortunately for me, the next DH race falls on a weekend I can’t get out of work. My first race of the season should be the Godly Head Enduro, which is pretty much right in our backyard. I’m super excited!

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