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November 17, 2013
So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated much on the bike front even though riding is a massive part of our everyday lives. It’s almost so much so that it doesn’t feel “noteworthy” to post about. That, and we really don’t stop to take pictures on most rides. But I know the rules… Scott says a blog without pictures isn’t worth reading.

We took a trip a few weeks ago to Nelson, NZ. I wrote heaps about Nelson last time we went. Anyhow, it’s a 5 hour drive (map) so we stayed for the long weekend over Labour Day. It was fun to go back to our favorite places (i.e.: good pubs) and properly check out the mountain biking for the first time. There are some gnarly trails out there. But man, what a pretty place.

All the following photos are from the same 3000 ft climb that we did on the 3rd day. They’re cell phone photos as we forgot the memory card in the camera. (This was a huge disappointment because on the first morning we saw lots of lambs, a massive kunekune pig, and a wallaby hugging a llama.)

Taking a break from climbing!
Taking another break from climbing!
Finally at the top!

Nelson was our first choice place to move to, so when we go back we often try to visualize ourselves living there. Although we can both still imagine living in Nelson, this was the first time we agreed that Christchurch may actually have a few better things about it than Nelson. Which is good- since we basically can’t leave Christchurch right now!

Below: the weekend after our Nelson trip, Scott went with some friends to the west coast. They rode a bunch of ridiculously difficult, rooty, steep, wet trails. It was slow going because of the conditions, but he got a few photos, and his friend Richie put together this awesome video footage of all of their crashes!

To see riding/crash montage, click this!

While Scott was out on the rugged west coast, I had some nice mellow after work rides at home. A few photos from the trails behind our house:

The thistle that got my hand through my glove…

Oh, you don’t think the last one is bike related? Psh, think again!

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