Blog Contest Time (Again)

December 17, 2013

Hey guys,

I jumped on that writing contest bandwagon again and my entry is live at over at Expats Blog. There are actually a ton of really entertaining entries and I wasted¬†enjoyed way too much reading many of them this morning. If you’re looking to seriously procrastinate on doing that laundry and those bills, I suggest you check it out too. First, take a peek at my entry and share/comment if you can find the time. (This is how one goes about winning, which I do not expect, but would be neat.) You’ll have to log in which I agree is a pain and I don’t know why they do it that way!!!.¬†But hopefully my little article will at least make you smile, and even possibly help one person with one little New Zealand question or concern. Cheers!

Click here for my entry


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    Hi, I really like your article. I will keep coming here, Thanks

  • Come on, you must want to tell me something!