Kodak Moments: Rob Roy Glacier Track

March 9, 2014

I have decided that is is unfortunate that we haven’t done more hikes during our 15 months in New Zealand. There are few places that bikes can’t take you and that hiking can, and those places I’ve now realized, are well worth it.

This past weekend we were in Queenstown (again) with some family, and Scott and his brother decided to cycle to Wanaka. You know, just up and over a mountain pass… a cruise-y 68 kilometers, no big deal. I drove the hour or so over, as cycle support of course. I totally would could should did not need to do that ride. It was a rest day.

Anyways, there’s a hike I’ve been wanting to do just outside of Wanaka for some time. The Rob Roy Glacier Track is moderate level 10 kilometer hike through paddocks, then beech forest, and finally up to a valley below the hanging Rob Roy Glacier. Its located just at the entrance of Mt. Aspiring National Park, about 50km from Wanaka.

Without further ado, pictures:

Beech forest is the most wide-spread native forest remaining in New Zealand
Glacial water gets it’s blue color from super fine sediment suspended in the water. The sediment is a fine “rock powder” that has formed from the rocks grinding together beneath the glacier. The color of water varies in vibrancy, and is enhanced by sunlight.
There were signs advising hikers not to stop on this bit of trail because of increased hazard of rock fall. So… whoops.
Trees growing out of canyon walls. Cool.
One of many, many waterfalls. Being blown away by the gentle summer breeze….
Scott and his brother, Craig. So excited to be hiking after their big ride.
A “hanging glacier” is a glacier that sits on a shelf, or cliff, above a valley.
Waterfall overload!

I’d classify this hike as a “Can’t Miss” if you’re in the Wanaka area. I thought it was absolutely stunning, despite the rain and clouds. I can only imagine how spectacular it would be on a clear blue day.

And of course, since we were in Queenstown, we spent another day at the bike park. Below, Scott doing what he does best:

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