Oceanias MTB Race and Other Recents

March 24, 2014
As I mentioned in my recent serious, if not a little depressing, post- whilst Cyclone Lusi was wreaking havoc on the little bitty south island of New Zealand, my husband was off competing in the Oceanias National Downhill MTB Championships. Brilliant.

Luckily for him and the bones in his body, he seems to excel at riding in sloppy, wet conditions. See post race run photo:

Pretty gnarly, eh? And I don’t know who the guy below is, but this is the course he had to work with in these fine conditions:


But as I mentioned, he seems to excel in these conditions, and he brought home the win in the Masters class. This race was the championships for all of NZ, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. So that’s pretty cool.

Also a nice photo of Scott at the recent Dodzy Memorial Enduro, more wet and challenging conditions:

I wish I could say I was racing too but Im just not quite that tough yet. Below, a few photos from our last Queenstown trip. My idea of a good time!

Doesn’t this just scream “summer”?….
Mmmmmm….. wine.

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