Its a Winter Wonderland… sorta

August 22, 2014
Probably because we just spent 5 weeks in the States, Scott and I just can’t be bothered with winter. Snowboarding… all that time in the car, and money on lift tickets, something we both usually really enjoy…. eh. The snow has been pretty poor this year (well, until this week) and that combined with our recent sunny holiday is just leaving us really lukewarm on winter sports.

We did manage to get out a few weekends ago for a hike, which took us up to some snowy hilltops. We went northwest, about an hour from Christchurch to the foothills, or specifically, Mt. Grey.
What would I do without Google Maps?
We hiked up through native Beech forest, then crested the tree line and hiked straight up the side of the foothills in tussock grass, to the viewpoint at the top. Along the way we saw a handful of someone’s tracks in the snow… possum?
Bird tracks
Who is this?
The print to the right is the heel-part of my boot, so this is obviously not a human print!
View from the top on a hazy Saturday

The next weekend Scott and his buddy Zane went out to one of the nearby mountains and did a similar route, but on bikes. Scott said more than one hiker warned them about “ice chutes”, and/or gave them completely crazy looks for being out on bikes in such conditions.

He’s used to it.

Anyhow, that’s all Ive got for ya at the moment. I’m on to my dreaded night shifts tonight, feeling bitter and un-creative. But we’re around, working and playing, and off to Auckland next weekend for a quick getaway!

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