Just Another Bike Ride

August 26, 2014
Today was one of the nicest days I’ve had off recently- sunny and clear without a bone chilling Southerly or Easterly or Sou’Westerly or any other Windy Whateverlys to speak of. I think it’s nearly spring, and the presence of flowers and lambs is helping support this theory.

Anyways, nothing new and exciting to report (I just finished night shifts and have the mental capacity of a goldfish), so just a few photos from today.
My mountain bike is getting fixed, otherwise you’d be looking at a picture of it.
Look mom, no hands tan!
It won’t be winter forever.
FOR MOM: BABY SHEEP (and what exactly do you think YOU are looking at?! Baa-aaa-ck off!)
Oh, and Scott also managed to get himself a short article in this month’s New Zealand Mountain Biker (you know, that one he was on the cover of– proud wifey!). He tested and reviewed a couple of pairs of goggles. And got his stunning photo (by yours truly, in the 5 minutes we had to get it done after forgetting for several weeks) in the mag as well!

And what the heck, since this post has turned into me posting photos from my phone, I’d just like to mention that we went and checked out one of Christchurch’s newest restaurants: Orleans. Since I’ve never actually been to New Orleans, I can’t be impressed/offended by how authentic their food is/n’t, but hot damn it is tasty!!! Among other delightfully fried foods, we had the chicken waffle. Which is exactly what it sounds like. And is divine.

Maybe if I had a new phone you could differentiate the food in this picture from what your cat barfed up on the bathmat. Oh well.

That’s all from Christchurch for now guys!

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