Bike Photos (again, I know!)

October 6, 2014
So back on our anniversary, we did what every normal couple does. We went to work, then met up at the local trails to ride and take some nice couple-y pictures to commemorate our 4 years of marriage.

The problem is we have very limited photography skills, and we were working with limited light and time. Our idea was that we would both ride this specific section of trail, then later “stitch” the two photos together. Anyways… the making of our “anniversary photo shoot”:
Too soon.
Too far.
A bit close.
Scott really has exceptional timing.
After seeing art like those photos, how could you not be excited to see the final product? I mean, think of all the hard work and practice that went into shooting those pics! It was 15 minutes of my life.
Hah, anyways. Stitching them together actually took more than 15 minutes of my life, and yes its riddled with imperfections but whatever. I think its a nice way to remember our wedding anniversary!

Yes, we considered just riding it both at the same time, but the truth is the possibility of Scott hitting me in the head with his front wheel was real. This was safer.

Also for my anniversary present, Scott coached me through hitting this jump that has been my recent nemesis. And after I did it, like a good coach, he made me do it 5 times to ensure I had it. Or so he could practice taking pictures, of which the majority could compile a whole album titled “One Second Late”.

My jump:

Nope, not snowing. Don’t know how he does it! 😉
Just right!

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