Christchurch’s FESTA, and the rest of my last 2 weeks…

November 5, 2014

So, nearly 3 weeks ago now (!), Christchurch held an annual event called the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA). It’s a long weekend celebration of futuristic projects and activities. It took place in the CBD, an area itself that is both futuristic and apocalyptic.

One night during this weekend, they put on an event called CityUps. Here, the “next generation of architects” (students from Auckland) come and erect large, colorful, illuminated designs which lit up the night. Apparently, over 100,000 people came down to the CBD to see it, and we were 2 of them.
What exactly was it though?
Basically, in several of the empty spaces between buildings, massive scaffolding was set up, and the students then had free reign to build whatever they desired in that space. There was definitely a recycle/rebuild/reuse theme going on with some of them, but I don’t think this was a requirement.
What was awesome, was to see so many people back in the center of the city. Between the large scale projects there were smaller activities- glow in the dark volleyball, ping-pong, beer gardens, a “light” maze with creepy instrumental music, classic cars, and a bike-light disco set up by our friends at RAD.
The whole evening felt like a culmination of the creativity humming in Christchurch.
Image Via
The omnipresent orange cone invasion, captured as architectural art.
Thousands of water bottles make up this… purple thing.
Flourescent suspended water balloons? Why not. This was by far the most popular one. I know, my photo is just confusing.
Air-con ducting turned futuristic dance rave?
Interactive design above the bike-light disco dance floor.
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Bird’s eye view.
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The last few weeks has otherwise been filled with the usual. Here’s a shameless Instagram image purge. If you follow my Instagram just quit now!
Scenery from recent runs:
It’s spring!
Botanical Gardens

Scenery from recent rides:

Labour Day weekend was nearly 2 weeks ago, and we spent a night in Akaroa at a bach with some friends. We took a boat out on the harbor, and although the weather was pretty average, we managed to avoid the rain and take in some stunning scenery.

I love this colloquial scene: the kayaks stacked in front of the Kiwi bach. Every beachy bach, everywhere.

Oh, last but very not least, Grandpa’s famous sourdough pancakes!

It’s the little things…

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