Lyttelton Urban DH 2014

November 30, 2014
Last weekend was the annual (if not delayed) Lyttelton Urban Downhill Race in Lyttelton, NZ. This is a crazy DH race that involves jumps and drops in the urban setting of steep city streets and suburban backyards. Scott raced in the 2013 LUDH, and posted his video, which I then posted to this blog.

Anyways, here’s my photo montage from this year’s event.
Scott at the treehouse jump.
Not Scott. But look, containers and harbor views!
Scott jumping out of the haunted house.
Not Scott. But it could have been!
Guy I caught at the right time…
Scott, who I caught at the wrong time.
Someone else’s photo of Scott coming off the Porthole Bar.
Jump to the finish off the roof of the Porthole Bar.
He was pleased with his race, and rightfully so- coming in 4th in Open Men, and 19th in the overall Pro category. He also filmed his race run again, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

And yes, I know I’m painfully behind on posting anything. But I’ve been away traveling. So lots of photos of mountains and sheep to come. (Don’t like mountains and sheep? Go read someone else’s blog.)

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