Where Can I Go?

December 15, 2014
Consider this post a pause in the Kim and Kristen Road Trip Diary 2014.
I had a moment the other day. Thursday, specifically. December 11th. Sometime during that day I had a moment where I realized I have 6 months left in my 20’s. WHO LET THAT HAPPEN?

And admist my panic and thoughts of “Have I accomplished everything I’m supposed to in my 20s?”, “What is one supposed to accomplish in their 20s?”, “I didn’t get accidentally knocked up, so that’s a plus“, and “I wonder if 30 really is the new 20?”, I also had the much more important thought, “What should we do- no, where should we go for my 30th birthday?“. I may not be someone who needs an excuse to travel, but I am someone who needs an excuse to go big.
But how big is big? It’s not the big 5-0 birthday. (Hopefully I have more money for that big birthday!). But it’s pretty big. Travel outside of NZ big.
My first step when I book travel is to look at flight costs. With the way that Scott and I travel (cheap), the flight is always the most expensive piece of the puzzle. Because of this I rely on good travel booking sites with their competitive rates and good deals.
Since moving to New Zealand, I started using WebJet. Similar to Expedia or Kayak, WebJet sources the lowest prices from competitve airlines and in our case, the ones relevant in New Zealand.
So I hopped on WebJet and stared at the blank search boxes. Where am I going? I know where I’m leaving from, but where to…?
At that moment, a blue box below my cursor caught my eye. It read, “Where can I go within my budget?”
What a brilliant question, Webjet.
I clicked on it and it then asked me from where I was leaving [ok… Christchurch]. Next, did I fancy domestic? [no thanks! It’s my 30th birthday!], or perhaps Australia [mayyyybe…] or an International destination… [Now you’re speaking my language!].
I selected international, and braced for the flights with many 00’s on the end of the price tag. (If you’re in NZ, just add a 0 or 00 to the end of every price!)
What happened next was an internet flight searching miracle. The first, cheapest international flight deal that appeared is exactly where I hadn’t realized I wanted to go.
Rice Terraces
Rocky Temple of Gunung Kawi
The perfect combination of exotic and relaxing. A place we can dive and hike, and probably rent bikes to ride around the island. A place where your money actually gets you something.
Affordable Luxury – $60USD/night
What! $43USD/night
$70USD/night. Take me here. Take me straight here.
There weren’t even too many 00’s on the price of the flight. After way too much time sorting out flights and hotel combinations and possible transportation choises (all easy to click through on WebJet) I basically have my milestone birthday planned out. Now I just need a new bikini and a pina colada.
Do they drink those here?
I’m amazed at how swiftly and easily┬áit all came together just by asking the question: Where can I go within my budget?
This post is sponsored by Zuji/WebJet. However all the rambling, opinions and otherwise, are clearly mine.

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