Alex Rocks!

January 20, 2015
Alexandra (Alex) is one of my favorite places to ride because of the unique desert terrain. You can see for miles, yet get lost with one wrong turn. It’s all about the rocks. Several weeks ago we had the privilege of being shown around Alex, NZ by a local. Not just any local though, but the man behind hundreds of kilometers of amazing desert single track…

Despite being a mountain bike paradise, much of the terrain is illegal and/or on private land, so having a local to show you the secrets is pretty much required. In our experience, the local bike shops either pretend there’s no riding in the area despite having a wide range of full suspension mountain bikes, or they acknowledge that there’s hundreds of trails, and essentially tell you that you find them and they can’t show you. This is due to a delicate relationship between a private land owner and the mountain bike community. The local mountain bike club is working to get more trails built that can be open to everyone, as well as possibly legalizing some of the existing tracks. Watch this space.
Anyhow, we lucked out with great weather (even in the desert it rains in NZ) and had an action packed weekend. Cheers to our local, name withheld to protect him from the bike shops(!), for showing us such great mountain biking!
This part of track lovingly named “The Rock of Doom”

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