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Welcome! What interests you about mountain biking and me? Are you a mountain biker in New Zealand? Are you a female rider? Both?? (Let’s be friends!)

I’ve had a bit of a crisis regarding what to do with this part of the blog. Mountain biking has become such a passion of mine, yet my blog focus is really travel, work, and expat life in New Zealand. But the name of my blog! The Bike Wife. What does that have to do with living in New Zealand?

I’m sure any travel blog or expat blog analyst would heavily criticize the name of my blog. But the way I see it is this: I’m a nurse, but I might not always be. I live in New Zealand, an American expat, but I could go anywhere in the future. I like to write about traveling and living abroad, but in the future I might want to write about something else (let’s hope not another mommy blog!). But I’ll always love riding bikes, and I’ll always love my bike husband (pictured below, coaching me here and always). So the name sticks. The Bike Wife. (Plus I’ve had it for almost 3 years now and I don’t like change, so there.)

But the question remains? What to do with this space.

Here’s my idea, for now. I’m going to post my favorite trails in my favorite places, as I have time. And I’m going to post it from a girl perspective. I hope you all find this interesting and helpful, and perhaps even insightful, as I’m guessing a few readers out there may be trying to figure out how to get their ladies to ride. It’s possible guys!






Craigieburn, Canterbury, New Zealand


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